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What is the Green Database?

VGBC Green Database is a resource directory for green building products and services. It is free to browse and available to all and, for a limited time, there is no fee to list your products or services. The main purpose of the Green Database is to link sustainable products and services with clients, developers, and building professionals. The Green Database will be regularly updated with new products and services and to improve the user experience.

What the database can do for you?

Whether you are manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, service providers, contractors, property managers or others related to the green building industry, you can use the database to advertise your green products or services.
Whether you are working on a LOTUS project or you are looking for products and services to improve your building, you can use the Green Database to find the best solutions available.

How to get listed on the database?
If you are interested in having your product or service listed on the Green Database, please go on the Product Registration page and fill out the information.

Any problem please call us at the VGBC: + (84) 4 6295 6375 or email us at info@vgbc.org.vn

Only products and services with clear environmental benefits (compliance with LOTUS requirements, products with a compliant Environmental Product Declaration, etc.) are eligible for the Green Database. Products with no technical data or third party certificate will not be listed. If you have any questions please contact us with further details and we will help you with your listing.
VGBC Green Database aims to publish a resource directory and is not an accreditation body; VGBC will not perform any verification of the environmental claims made by the companies.

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Điện thoại: (+84) 4 3629 1107

Hòm thư điện tử : info@vgbc.org.vn

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