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LOTUS Building in Operation (LOTUS BIO) Pilot.pdf 23-09-2014 10181.33 kb 9308 Show More

LOTUS Buildings in Operation (BIO) is the third LOTUS rating tool developed by the VGBC. LOTUS BIO is intended to be a complementary tool for LOTUS NR an R which are specifically focused on design and construction stages. LOTUS BIO will encompass the most crucial stage of a building: its operation. This new tool development is in line with the international trend of GBCs focusing on properly monitored and optimized building operations, whether the buildings are previously certified or not. What buildings are eligible for LOTUS BIO certification? Any building type covered by LOTUS NR & R that has been in operation for more than 18 months and has over 50% occupancy (regardless of whether the building has already been certified). For more information, please send to: info@vgbc.org.vn.

LOTUS Non-Residential V2.0.pdf 29-06-2015 4003.09 kb 3460 Show More

LOTUS Non-Residential version 2.0 Technical Manual

LOTUS Non-Residential V2.0.pdf 1-07-2015 4003.09 kb 0 Show More

LOTUS Non-Residential version 2.0 Technical Manual

LOTUS Multi-family Residential Pilot - Addenda of NR V2.0.pdf 30-10-2015 1295.95 kb 1522 Show More

Addenda of NR V2.0 summarizing all the modifications from LOTUS NR V2.0 to LOTUS MFR

LOTUS Multi-family Residential Pilot - Technical Manual.pdf 30-10-2015 3225.64 kb 1389 Show More

LOTUS Multi-family Residential Pilot version Technical Manual

LOTUS AP Framework 2016.pdf 15-02-2016 518.99 kb 912 Show More

LOTUS AP Framework 2016

LOTUS Homes Pilot - Technical Manual.pdf 10-06-2016 2625.33 kb 699 Show More

Technical Manual for LOTUS Homes Pilot (released on the 06/06/2016)

LOTUS Homes Pilot - User Tool.xlsx 24-06-2016 2832.17 kb 491 Show More

LOTUS Homes Pilot - User Tool

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