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LOTUS Accredited Professional course

The LOTUS Accredited Professional (LOTUS AP) course offers professionals who have experience in green buildings an opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding and qualification in LOTUS – the first Green Building Rating System for Vietnam. All participants will need to pass an exam to be recognised as LOTUS Accredited Professionals. This means that they are successfully qualified to participate in the assessment of projects registered for LOTUS Certification.
The course aims at certifying qualified professionals and several requirements are necessary for enrollment. To register, you must:

- Be an experienced professional working in the construction industry
- Have previous experience in green projects or knowledge of other green building rating tools
- Have undertaken at least one training day (i.e. 4 modules) in the Green Building Basics course
After undertaking a 2-day LOTUS AP course, the final step in becoming a qualified LOTUS AP is to pass (i.e. to score at least 75% in the exam) an online open-book exam on LOTUS and course contents. Upon passing the exam, participants will be recognized as LOTUS Accredited Professionals. LOTUS Accredited Professionals will receive a LOTUS AP Certificate and have their profiles posted on the VGBC's Green Database website. The LOTUS AP Certificate is valid for 3 years and can be renewed
The course standard fee is VND8,500,000/course/participant. 
*** Please note: A no refund policy applies for any course cancellations less than 3 days from the training date.

Why should I attend the course?
The main benefits gained by professionals attending the course are:

- Develop an understanding for the effective implementation of LOTUS Rating Tools to a variety of projects

- Gain essential knowledge for the support of the design and construction teams

- Receive a free copy of the LOTUS Technical Manual

- Have the opportunity to exchange ideas and knowledge with fellow professionals

- Gain additional personal exposure and promotion through the recognition and acknowledgement of the VGBC within its website and other promotional material

- Hands-on application of the LOTUS Rating Tool

- Learn from those already using the LOTUS Rating Tool

- Interactive learning environment allowing you to:

+ Learn from other professionals

+ Learn from VGBC staff

- Gain further expertise in the LOTUS Rating Tool, and take the next step towards becoming a qualified LOTUS Accredited Professional

How is the course structured?

LOTUS Theory (Day 1)

LOTUS Theory provides participants with an understanding of the aim, structure and function ofLOTUS Rating Tools. This is the first step in achieving the necessary expertise to apply LOTUS Rating Tools to a variety of projects.


The course is delivered by experts on the LOTUS Rating Tools and will consist of the following:

- A formal presentation of LOTUS Rating Tool history and philosophy

- An overview of the Categories, Credits and score system

- Detailed examination of a selection of Credits and their practical application to specific projects

- Case studies

- Question and Answer


LOTUS Practice (Day 2)

LOTUS Practice teaches participants how to apply LOTUS Rating Tools to a variety of projects. This interactive course works through the coordinated delivering a LOTUS Certified Rating and includes workshops on how to create a holistic design process around LOTUS Rating Tools, how to collect evidence to prove a LOTUS Rating is valid and how to work best with the VGBC in delivering a LOTUS Certified Rating.


The course is delivered by experts on the LOTUS Rating Tools and will consist in the following:

- Mock eco-charette for the design of a building targeting a LOTUS Certified Rating

- Key strategies in delivering a LOTUS Certified Rating, including:

+ How to collect the right documentation?

+ How to compile a LOTUS submittal?

+ How will the VGBC certify the LOTUS rating?

- Learn from experts – how Vietnamese professionals are currently using the LOTUS Rating Tools

- Question and Answer

Participants must attend the LOTUS – Theory course prior to be accepted into the LOTUS – Practice course.  


The final step in becoming a qualified LOTUS Accredited Professional (LOTUS AP) is to pass the exam.


The qualification of LOTUS Accredited Professional is aimed at professionals and academics within the building industry who are taking a lead role in delivering a LOTUS Certified Rating. These are the individuals who will be liaising with the VGBC and collecting the documentation to prove how each point in the LOTUS Rating Tool are being achieved.


This qualification can contribute to achieving 2 points towards a LOTUS Certified Rating (see Man-1 Design Stage credit for full details). Qualifications will have to be renewed on a regular basis to ensure professionals are up to date on the latest LOTUS requirements.


The exam will involve the following:

- Multiple choice questions

- Pass rate of 75%

- Open book exam


Why take the exam?

The main benefits of becoming a LOTUS AP are:

- Being a leader in the industry

- Obtaining the highest qualification in the LOTUS Rating Tool

- Assist in achieving 2 points for your LOTUS project

- Be advertised on the VGBC website (Directory of LOTUS APs)

How to register?
Course calendar in 2016:

Ho Chi Minh City: 25 - 26 February
                             19 - 20 May
                             18 - 19 August
                             17 - 18 November

Hanoi:                   21 - 22 April
                             21 - 22 July
                             20 - 21 October

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